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Wrapped Up

December 29, 2009

Check out this full bus wrap for the Copenhagen Zoo. Though we didn't do this wrap, it's always great to appreciate large format creativity like this. Imaging driving down Highway 85 in Atlanta and seeing a 8ft snake looking at you. I know I would be wondering what the image was for!


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Oracal's New Carbon Fiber Textured Cast Film

December 28, 2009

Instead of paying close to a $1000 for a new carbon fiber hood, try wrapping it with a carbon fiber vinyl.Oracal USA has introduced its Series 975 Carbon Fiber cast media, which features a textured surface specially developed for exterior vehicle restyling and interior detail applicat...

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Puma 3D Window Display- Literally

December 14, 2009

In 2006, Riot Event + Sponsorship, a North American experimental marketing agency, installed a 3-D window display in a Toronto PUMA store. This window display was installed and timed perfectly. The PUMA window display was scheduled to be installed and shown just when the Toronto International Fil...

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Latest Project

December 5, 2009

Check out Speedpro Imaging's latest project. This 16 Passenger bus was once an all white bus with a simple blue stripe on the bottom.Transforming simple vehicles into an amazing piece of art is what Speedpro Imaging can do. This bus was done for a local Atlanta church in Midtown. With...

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Bathroom Decor

December 4, 2009

Ever felt like you're being watched? In the men's bathroom of a New York office, technically, you are.Created by Edge Design, an all-women run interior design company, this men's bathroom features a mural of women watching you do your business. Having a client that is ran by all women...

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