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Using Backlit Lighting in Decorating

October 23, 2009

In the Kress Night Club on Hollywood Blvd, backlit images of flowers hover around the top of the bar, giving a powerful presentation and wonderful image that gives the main focus on the bar.Using backlit images to help gain focus on a certain wall or image is a very successful techniq...

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Ideas for Custom Print Fabric

October 13, 2009

For experience interior designers or furniture makers, custom printed fabrics is something that you are well aware of. However what about the individual who is just starting. What do you use custom printed fabric for?Here are some ideas for custom printed fabric:- custom p...

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Etched Glass

October 6, 2009

Once a best kept industry secret is now discovered-window-etched glass decor films. An entire world of artistic interior design is opened.Artificial sandblasting has been around for centuries, having first patented in 1870. Because the silica dust produced from the sand caused severe ...

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