The 7th Annual Signs of the Times Vehicle Graphics Contest

August 6, 2014

Once again, it’s that time of the year! The magazine, Signs of the Times has released their winners of the 7th Annual ST Vehicle Graphics Contest. What’s interesting about this year’s entries compared to previous years is that wrap designers are leaning towards a clean, modern design versus a flamboyant, over the top theme. The way ST puts it, “the gee-whiz notion of “Look at me, I have a wrap!” now seems antiquated. At Speedpro Atlanta, we love the way the wrap designs are trending towards clean, as we try to keep visuals powerful and sophisticated, yet simple. (For examples see the ArborMedics wrap under our Truck Wraps, Atlanta Track Club wraps under SUVs, Cars, and Trucks, and Landscape Management is under Trucks, ...

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Speedpro Atlanta's Favorite Outdoor Signs

July 23, 2014


Speedpro Imaging of Greater Atlanta offers many options for outdoor signage. Because it may be difficult to choose just one outlet for outdoor advertising, we thought we’d share each of our favorites, to help with the decision making process. See below for David, Chelsea, Bry...

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5 Tips for Outdoor Signage

July 16, 2014

Creating an effective and beautiful outdoor sign is not as easy at is appears to be! You want to create an impactful message that “hits” your consumers while covering a small space. Make sure to follow the tips below to ensure that you maximize your sign’s effectiveness!


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Tyler Perry, Terry Crews, and Our Very Own Hue

July 10, 2014

What do these men have in common? All three men are stars in the recently released movie, “Single Moms Club”. I know what you’re thinking… how did Hue land a role in a major motion picture?!? Well, it all started back in November, 2012.

In November, 2012, Speedpro...

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Speedpro, Moving on Up to the West Side!

June 19, 2014

As many of you know, back in March we made the big move from Downtown, near Turner Field, to West Midtown, off Chattahoochee Ave. All of us in the office have thoroughly enjoyed our new space, with all of its character and great location. We can easily get to amazing restaurants like Nuevo Laredo...

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